In 1963 there was a movie entitled ‘It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World,’ starring Spencer Tracy. It involved a group of motorists looking for a hidden stash of loot. One can argue that, indeed, it is a mad, mad world today. One has only got to look at what is happening in society today to come to that conclusion.

Let’s look at some of the issues that defy reason and even science, as well as common sense.


For all time, up to now, it was common sense to recognize that there are two sexes, male and female. Biology confirms it. That’s why a birth certificate indicates whether the baby is a boy or a girl. However, now people are floating the idea that “gender” is not based on biology but on the gender that an individual identifies with, together with a variety of other options. There is a move to teach young children about gender fluidity. This is at an age when they don’t need such instruction. Reason, science, and common sense would declare that there are basically only two sexes, male and female.


Members of the Supreme Court are thought to be amongst the most competent people in matters relating to society. However, during the Senate hearings on the nomination of a new supreme court justice, the question was asked for one of them to define what a woman is. She couldn’t or wouldn’t, supposedly because she is not a biologist. Reason and common sense would allow a normal person to answer that question easily.


Many court decisions amaze people with how they defy common sense. Take that one example from Europe. Recently, the European high court ruled in favor of a feminist who interrupted a Catholic Mass while topless and “aborted” Jesus on the altar before urinating on the floor. Moreover, the court awarded the protester 9,800 Euros. This happened at a Christmas Carol Service in Paris’ famous Madeleine Church. It was a demonstration by a feminist bare-breasted and decked out in pro-choice slogans all over her body in protest of the Catholic Church’s position on abortion. ( Reason and common sense would tell you that this was moral depravity not freedom of speech.


In January this year, in my home state of Minnesota, the governor signed into law the right to abort a baby for any reason at any time up to birth, even when a 2022 poll conducted by Survey USA found that 70% of Minnesotans opposed unfettered access to abortion at any time and without limitations ( Reason, science, and common sense would recognize that this is an extreme position.


Harvard University, established centuries ago to educate the ministers and advocated the motto “truth for Christ and the Church,” has done the unthinkable. It has elected an atheist as its chief chaplain. Chosen by Harvard’s organization of Chaplains, he has taken his new position. It should be noted that Harvard University was named after Pastor John Harvard. Reason and common sense would declare that an atheist should not be elected its chief chaplain.


A Canadian Catholic school student was arrested for saying men and women are different. The student was punished for organizing over men in women’s restrooms. Distinguishing men from women and believing God created only two genders eventually led him to be arrested (


Canada considered allowing assisted suicide for children. “A parliamentary committee has called for expanding Canada’s assisted suicide program so that ‘mature minors’ whose deaths are ‘reasonably foreseeable’ be allowed to hasten their deaths without parental consent” (


Now we could go on with other topics, such as men can have babies, etc. Issues that, to a normal person, are against reason and common sense. Strange as it may seem, people who oppose these situations are criticized. You will notice that in each of these cases, you can depend upon “reason” and “common sense.” However, when you add the Bible to the equation, it is even more “mad” to believe such things. The Bible teaches, to give a couple of examples, that gender is male and female (Genesis 1:22-25); A woman is complimentary to a man (Genesis 1:18); Abortion is taking the life of a little one (Psalm 139:14-16); you can go on as the Bible is so often in line with reason and common sense.


We have been looking at a mad, mad world. The New Testament has an interesting story that contrasts the world’s madness and how the world considers Christian madness.

In Acts 24, Paul has appealed to Caesar in Rome, but before he begins his journey there, he has a fascinating encounter with Roman authorities, King Agrippa and Festus, a Roman Governor. In the course of all this, Paul shares his testimony and some of his post-conversion life. All the time, he testified of Jesus, how He suffered and died, and on the third day rose again (Acts 26:23).

Now, after Paul made his defense, Festus rose up with a loud voice declaring, “Paul, you are beside yourself! Much learning is driving you mad!” (Acts 26:24, NKJV). Paul responded, “I am not mad, most noble Festus, but speak the words of truth and reason” (Acts 26:25, NKJV).

Thus, we see Paul is charged with being mad but, in his defense, declares he is not made but speaks truth and reason.

William Barclay, in his commentary on this passage, wrote:

It is not so much what is actually said in this passage, which is interesting as the whole atmosphere which the reader can feel behind it. Paul was a prisoner. At that very moment, he was wearing his fetters. as he himself makes clear. And yet the whole atmosphere is that he is the dominating personality In the scene. Festus does not speak to him as a criminal. No doubt he knew Paul’s record as a trained rabbi: no doubt he had seen Paul’s room scattered with the scrolls and the parchments, which were the earliest Christian books. Paul, to him, is not a criminal; at the worst, he is a man whose mind has become unbalanced with too much study (

Barclay goes on to describe what happened with King Agrippa:

As for Agrippa, when Paul speaks to him, it is rather Agrippa who is on trial than Paul. And the end of the matter is that a rather bewildered company of people cannot see any real reason why Paul should be tried in Rome or anywhere else. The whole incident is an outstanding example of the power of personality. This one man Paul has in him a power which raises him head and shoulders above all others in any company. The word which is used for the power of God in Greek is the word dunamis. It is the word from which dynamite comes. The man who has Christ in his heart and the Risen Christ at his side need fear no man. The dignity of God is on him and beside that human dignities are pale and bloodless things (

It is in this context that Agrippa makes the statement, “You almost persuade me to become a Christian” (Acts 26:28b, NKJV). It is possible that this was a sarcastic reply rather than a cry of a man close to salvation.


What can we learn from all that we have looked at so far?

  • We are living in a mad, mad world. We must recognize that the world is no longer being guided by truth, reason, or common sense, let alone the revelation of scripture.
  • The end result of all this is a dictatorial society that requires people to toe the line and accept what society delivers. It is going to get worse in the future, not better. Society is going mad.
  • We have to take a stand like Paul for “truth and reason,” even if we are put on trial for it. The ever-increasing temptation is for the church and Christians to compromise their faith. This is seen recently in the church of England, in Great Britain, where the Bishops voted that clergy can’t marry homosexuals but can, in turn, bless their marriages. How can you bless something that God does not bless? This is a pitiful compromise, and it is the next step to allowing homosexual marriages in Anglican Churches.

Yes, the whole world is going mad, but as Christians we need to stand for truth and righteousness no matter what.