In our last Langstaff Letter, we brought an update on John Halvorsen and Prayer Walk America as he completed his fourth prayer walk across the country. He actually finished the walk on Saturday afternoon, December 11th. Dorothy and I had a phone call from John just before he placed his feet in the Pacific Ocean, where we had the privilege of praying with him and the people who had gathered together for the final ceremony.

John has been the person walking each day, however as I mentioned in the last Langstaff Letter, he has had a team of people supporting him, which has included Ron Olson, who planned the route and other aspects of the walk. But undoubtedly, the greatest help came from his wife Sandy.

Sandy has driven a large motor home every step of the way, four times across America and also across Europe and Eurasia. That in itself is remarkable! So, I want to take a moment and pay tribute to Sandy and the part she has played in all of this. During each of the prayer walks, Sandy has been the one to share updates, blog posts, photos, and videos online, giving us a glimpse into what is happening and what God is doing.

(Taken from blog

“Such a sense of joy and excitement overwhelmed me when, at age 16, I was found by my Savior and was filled with the precious Holy Spirit. I knew that I was in for the adventure of a lifetime and that it was going to be the fulfillment of all that I was created for! I also knew that the Lord had a life partner for me and I began immediately to pray for that unknown individual.”

“Watch who you marry, as it will affect your life,” writes Sandy.

“John and I met when I was 23 and he was 27. I soon knew- that-I-knew-that-I-knew that we would marry and that this was very much God’s idea (although I didn’t share it with John until much later).

I had been raised as a PK (pastor’s kid) and never questioned the calling to Christian ministry that exuded from the core of my being, so the fact that John was in full-time ministry was a natural fit for me. No question about that! But I soon began to realize that there was a gift of faith that operated in my husband that I sadly lacked.

Where I had fear, he had faith. John had faith to trust God to use him, faith to trust God for finances, faith to trust God to provide for travel to unusual places, faith to actually GO to those unusual places, and faith to step into the unknown with joy and abandon.

Whoa baby!!! I realized I was an anchor married to a sail! I was a settler married to a pioneer! And as the Lord and I wrestled about it, there was no other answer than to pull anchor. I let the wind fill my sail and take this vessel into the adventures that the Lord had planned for our lives from before the creation of the world. As a newlywed, and for many years of marriage as children were added to our quiver, the journey of leaving the pier of safety and security was a terrifying one! But little by little, as the Lord has proven Himself faithful to me over and over and over again, I’ve begun to actually trust Him, and to move more and more from the realm of fear into the realm of faith.

How good is our God!

So when John announced this latest prayer walking adventure, I was amazed to notice that I was calm. I didn’t have that emotional overreaction. I simply accepted that we were about to embark on another faith exploit, and I knew that our God would be ever faithful to accomplish all that He intends through our willingness to say ‘Yes.’

So we say, ‘Go God, go! Touch our nation with Your presence and love as never before! May You pour out Your grace on Your people so that we move from fear into faith. May You give us the grace to say “Yes” when You call us into the unknown. May you give us the faith to know that You will provide for us in every way in order to accomplish Your plans. May Your Kingdom come and Your will be done in us as it is in heaven. May You use us in power to do our part to change this world for You! Amen.’ “


Both John and Sandy have willingly embraced the call of God on their lives as they have each day chosen to walk in faith and obedience. They have embarked on countless faith exploits, knowing that their God would be ever faithful to accomplish all that He intended through their willingness to say “Yes!” to Him.

I am not sure that when she married John, Sandy knew the faith adventures that were in store for her. I have often said that if I had the power to issue sainthoods, I would give one to Sandy and make her “Saint Sandy.” She is an inspiration to so many, showing what you can accomplish and how, if married, you can work with and support your spouse, as together, you seek to fulfill God’s call on your lives, saying ‘Yes’ to Him.

Thank you, Sandy. A job well done!!!!


What’s next for John? John and Sandy are currently praying about the possibility of prayer walking Israel.