In 2011 we began a new series of the Langstaff Letters. Initially, we published the letters every two weeks. Since that time, we have started publishing weekly, and we have now reached Langstaff Letter #250. Thus, I thought I might share how we produce the Langstaff Letter and the responses we receive.


We know the Letters are a blessing to many people simply because of the responses we continually receive. For example, here are a few responses to our latest letter: “Opposites Attract.”

One reader wrote: “Another really good one, Alan. [My wife and I] are definitely opposites. I am up early. She is up late. I want it now. She takes lots of time. I want the answer. She has to do research. We once made a list of our differences at a marriage retreat. 50 of them. Hey, we’re still together and thankful for one another and what each supplies. I want to do it fast if I can’t do it well. She wants to do it well no matter how long it takes.”

Another reader accidentally sent me an email that I did not understand, so I wrote back and asked him about it. He wrote back: “Ha, I sent this to you by mistake. I had just been communicating with another friend about how my wife’s and my different gifts work together…then your letter arrives in perfect time to forward to him to confirm the truth you were outlining. God works all things together for good. I enjoy your reflections.” He ended up sending me a YouTube presentation of “Opposites Attract” by the Okey Dokey Brothers.

Here is another response from this past week: “Many thanks for your well studied, well-formulated news letters. I do look forward to them.”

Finally, one reader commented that he was impressed with the number of Langstaff Letters we are turning out and the amount of research it takes. Well, it does take a lot of research and a lot of work. How do we do it?


It clearly is a team effort to produce the Langstaff Letter. Let me share with you what happens each week behind the scenes.

Alan. I generally come up with the ideas and topics. However, some circumstances and events (e.g., the 2020 elections) are often covered over more than one letter. A draft is written, and then I read it to Dorothy, my wife. She usually makes suggestions and has even on one occasion shot down an idea for a specific letter. Then the draft goes to our granddaughter, Hayley, who types it up assisted by her dog Boaz (I am not sure exactly what he does LOL) and makes more comments, reflecting a 20-year-old’s views of the subject. Once typed, it goes to my daughter and administrator Joy, who does proofs, edits, and formats, and along with Hayley works on a graphic for each letter. She, too, makes comments and suggestions. In addition, Joy takes care of researching all direct quotes, stories, and resources, so as to be accountable in each of our reports. After it comes back to me for any final edits or additions, she is then responsible for distributing the Langstaff Letter, whether via our blog, Facebook, or email. Finally, Beth, our daughter living in Germany, whose field is Historical Theology and who teaches online at Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, is consulted at times, and we occasionally send an email ahead of distribution for her comments to be considered. In addition, there are a number of people who send me articles and resources about matters of interest. So you see, it is a team effort and especially a family affair.


We are launching a new venture involving a weekly video blog or, as some call it vlog. Our grandsons Mitchel and his wife Katie and Timothy and his wife Naomi are putting together video versions of the Langstaff Letter, which will hopefully become a regular feature in late March 2021.


There are 3 things you can do for us:

We are always seeking to increase the circulation of the Langstaff Letter in America and beyond. So we encourage you to share the Langstaff Letters on social media, encourage others to subscribe, or, if they request, send their information to Joy Plaisted at

Pray for us. As you can see, it is quite a task to produce the Langstaff Letter each week. Pray about the topics to come and that God would anoint the upcoming letters so that they can continue to be a blessing to people. Remember, the two-fold purpose of the Langstaff Letter is:

  • To stimulate thought and discussion concerning cultural and spiritual issues
  • To share inspirational and encouraging words.

Finally, we always love to hear from our readers. Drop us an email or comment online. Share your thoughts about the Langstaff Letter and how God is speaking to you through them.

Thank you for your support and your prayers.