Last month we did a series of articles about “What Went Wrong?” with both the 2020 election and also with election prophecies. As expected, we received many responses from our readers, and we would like to share some.


We had a number of responses from Trump supporters. Here is a sampling of their thoughts:

One response stated, “You state this regarding Trump supporters: ‘Increasingly throughout the four years of Trump’s presidency, people began to exalt him and idolize him, believing that he needed a second term as president for America to survive.’ I agree with you that this happened; however the way you state it lumps all Trump supporters together. Not all of us exalted or idolized him. There quite a few of us, that, although disappointed, accept Biden as president, as we always have believed that no matter what happens God is still God. Ron Canter states this when he says, ‘Biden would win, and it was because many (not all) in the church have idolized Trump.’ 

Someone also wrote, “I think that church as a whole has a larger part to play in this than even’ Trump Supporters.’ For example, we know of a teenager that truly believes that God will have broken His promise if Trump isn’t sworn into office this week. This thinking could affect her relationship with God forever. The church has not done a good job of bringing balance and teaching regarding prophecy. Thus, people have put too much weight in how the church, church leaders, or they themselves interpret what is being said.”

Another reader wrote, “Let me start by saying that President Trump did in fact win the election. Evidence of voter fraud is rampant, including at the levels of hundreds of thousands of votes. More than enough to overturn the election. So I believe that your prophecy was accurate in that respect. But is it possible that when you believed God said that Trump would not complete four years, that it was because of this situation? Meaning, Biden wins fraudulently, is inaugurated, and some weeks later is removed from office because the fraud is proven? That would mean that Trump serves less than four years in his 2nd term.”

And lastly, “Yes, he [Trump] did win, and the first part of 4 years will be shortened, time will tell.”


One response stated, “…the most relevant point [regarding election prophecies]: the danger of subjectivity. One should never prophesy about someone or something about which one feels passionate or has a personal connection. It is too easy for us to confuse what we would love to see happen with what God wants to see happen. e.g., prophesying to/about a loved one; whether your footy team will win, etc. (The same applies to physicians refraining from treating members of their family. It is too difficult to be objective in such matters.) I suggest that those who prophesied Trump’s re-election were expressing their own hopes, not a word from God.”

Another reader wrote, “As a prophet, I am very sensitive to what other prophets are saying. For months and months before the election, people all over the country asked me what God was saying about Trump. The LORD would NOT allow me to speak…He told me, ‘Trump is done, but we (the people) are not’ It wasn’t until a few days before the election, I posted a bit about this. Most prophets fight the very difficult tendency to prophesy what they WANT vs. what God is telling them. Even mature prophets. There is a strong demonic temptation to prophesy from our soul and give popular words. Mature prophets can give “hard words” and receive hard words; I am proud of Jeremiah (Johnson) for him addressing his error.”


The question arose as to whether God knows the future? Here is one reader’s response, “Thanks for another thoughtful newsletter, with which in general I agree. I’m not quite so respectful of prophets and of their mistakes as you are… As to God’s knowledge of the future, let me say at once that if anything is knowable, then God knows it. The question is not about God’s omniscience – for that is undeniable – but rather, it is about whether or not the future is knowable. If it is, then God knows it. If it is not, then God does not know it, except for what he himself has decreed. Not even God can know the unknowable.”

Also, in this regard, one reader wrote, “I’m with Augustine. God is eternal and He created time, He is beyond time even as He is present within time and He knows all.”


In the Langstaff Letter about election prophesies, I referred to an article by Craig Keener, professor of Biblical Studies at Ashbury Theological Seminary. Since then, Keener has written another article entitled: “Failed Trump Prophesies Offer a Lesson in Humility.” I would encourage you to read what he has to say. You can access the article here –


Several readers commented on the future of Trump. Here is what one said, “The situation with Trump is fascinating. I often would think that after some Trump comment or action, that he had crossed the line and totally discredited himself. But after the dust settles, he’s left standing and often in a stronger position. I think that may bear out again with the recent debacle with the Capitol hill riot. His impeachment (He was impeached, but to be removed from office and never be allowed to serve again would require conviction by the US Senate on a 2/3’s vote. That won’t happen because he’ll be out of office if they do try and hold a trial.) will only energize his base of supporters and make him a champion in their eyes. The more attention he’s given, the more it energizes him and strengthens his influence. 

I could easily see him running for re-election and even winning in four years, assuming he’s healthy. My prayer is the Lord does a deep work in his life, like what he did with Nebuchadnezzar. He really comes to a deep conversion experience.

I previously thought the next four years will be very challenging, economically and internationally, and whoever is in office will get blamed for what happens as is usually the case. He could run in four years with an even greater mandate than he’d have now with divided government. Who knows. We’ll see.”


Let me finish with a short response I received, “BROTHER ALAN: I like your observation that this mess will either end in REVIVAL OR REVOLUTION.”

Revival or Revolution? Only time will give us the answer to this question.