Joe Biden has been declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election by the media, who do not determine the outcome of an election. I am not sure if the election is over, what with all the legal appeals going on. However, assuming that Joe Biden is our next president, I need to say I was wrong.


I predicted that Trump would win, and I was wrong. I readily admit it. I can console myself by saying that I was not the only one who wrongly predicted, even prophesied, that he would win. Nonetheless, I was wrong. But maybe I will still be right. What if Trump decides to run again in 2024? He already has enough people supporting him to warrant another try, and he could win in 2024—just a thought.

Assuming that Trump didn’t win, let me give some ideas as to why he didn’t. There are four reasons.


During October, a phrase kept going through my mind about President Trump, “It would have to be a victory ‘against all odds.’” Truly, the odds were stacked against him, both considering all the forces that were seeking to defeat him, along with all the things that Trump would have had to overcome.

  • TV & MEDIA – With the exception of Fox News, all the mainstream media were decidedly against him. Whether it be the main broadcast media, CBS, ABC, and NBC, or the cable news networks CNN and MSNBC, together with NPR (National Public Radio), they were all in favor of Biden. 92% of the media reports were negative regarding Trump (
  • PRINT MEDIA – Led by the New York Times and the Washington Post, the print media favored the Democrats, and it was seen not only in what they reported but also in what they did not report. Respect for honest reporting no longer exists. The integrity of the industry has evaporated.
  • MONEY – Money poured into Biden’s campaign, including major money from billionaires, Silicone Valley, and Hollywood. Money would help to bring about a win for Biden.
  • A CONE OF SILENCE – When the situation with Hunter Biden came along, it was like a cone of silence descended on the media, on television, and the print media. Take, for example, the Minneapolis Tribune in my hometown of Minneapolis & St. Paul. On the weekend the story broke, I could not find one reference to it in the paper. If it had been Donald Trump’s son, it would have been on the front page.
  • GOOGLE AND TWITTER – Then we have the internet giants taking the article by the New York Post off their sites. Talk about censorship. Internet moguls are determining what is allowed to be present on the web. One hopes Congress will get involved concerning these Media moguls and free up the internet for the free sharing of ideas.
  • ECONOMY – On January 1st, the economy was booming. Unemployment was at its lowest point in years, including the lowest levels in decades for African American and Hispanic workers. Then it was hit by the epidemic, and we are now digging our way out of an economic crisis. This, too, undermined Trump’s progress. Put all this together, and you can see how all these factors come against a Trump victory. Because of all the opposition that he faced, and he was against all odds to win.


Probably the major factor that upset Trump’s applecart was the pandemic and supposedly how he handled it. It is hard to remember, but it was in the midst of his attempted impeachment that the pandemic came out of China. Nothing like this has occurred in 100 years. No one alive today had ever experienced such a virus. All this severely undermined Trump’s efforts, and Biden and the Democrats played on this issue to their advantage. The media underreported what Trump did in combating COVID 19.


The hatred shown towards President Trump has been intense. If it is not hatred but dislike, it was still a factor in the election. It is obvious that not all the votes for Biden were from the Democrats. Rather there were voters (in some cases Republicans) who voted against Trump. Here is a sample:

“I think I might be typical of some of the electorate in this respect – (1) I want a president other than Trump who can handle the pandemic, economic crisis, health care, etc., and while Biden is not the perfect choice, he might at least offer calmer and more consistent/capable leadership. At the same time, (2) I do not want the Democrats – and particularly not the radical left (Sanders/Warren/AOC) – to have complete control of the White House, the Senate and the House… I suspect people in the middle like me (moral conservative concerned about social justice) have balanced a vote for Biden with a vote for Republicans further down the ticket.”


I grew up in the midst of Australian politics, which is a parliamentary system. There is no election for Prime Minister. Rather, the party with the greatest number of seats elects its leader, known as the Prime Minister. Also, voting is mandatory in Australia. There was a saying from Down Under that I heard many years ago, “The opposition does not win elections; rather the ruling party loses them.” In other words, the present leader loses it. This happened with Jimmy Carter in 1980, and it seems to have happened with Donald Trump, to some extent in 2020.

Trump, in many ways, was his own worst enemy. Some of his tweets and some of the things he said did not sit well with people. They did not like the way he spoke and matters related to his character. He did not do well in the first debate with Biden.

Now we need to balance this with the fact that nearly half of America voted for Trump, people who liked his blunt, honest statements, his tell it as it is attitude, and appreciated all that he accomplished, which was quite remarkable. Often these accomplishments were not reported or celebrated, such as the development of a COVID 19 vaccine.

Nonetheless, one wonders what might have happened if he were not so abusive in some of the things that he said.

So there are some of the reasons why I felt Trump did not win. What does all this mean?


I believe God gave us the possibility of a reprive, but sadly as a nation we have not taken the call seriously enough. Jonathan Cahn held “The Return” in Washington D.C. and in his book, “Harbinger 2,” he spoke of the call to repentance.

Dr. R.T. Kendall, well-known author and pastor, believes God is behind all the chaos this year because “America is under judgmentHe sees four reasons for the judgment on America: ‘racism, legalized abortions, same-sex marriage and theological liberalism in the pulpits.’ But Kendall also sees hope, ‘God is at the bottom of it, but it’s gracious judgment,’ he said. ‘And it means that He’s trying to get our attention. It’s not retributive judgment, where a God just gets even and punishes. No, He’s been gracious to get our attention, to drive us to our knees, and it will end up with America crying out like they’ve never done before.’

“‘And God will answer,’ Kendall said. ‘And it’s my view, the only thing that will save us will be this awakening, not unlike what we saw in the 18th century under the preaching of people like Jonathan Edwards or the Cane Ridge Revival in the early 19th century. We’re talking about something huge-not ordinary revival-something that gets the attention of the world'”(


I believe we are moving into dangerous days ahead, and just as many people cried out to God this year leading up to the election, we should not stop now.

We need to continue to pray for:

  • Repentance to come to our nation
  • Revival to spread throughout our land

More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of. So let our prayers rise up day and night.

After Thanksgiving, I will give you my thoughts and opinion on possibilities regarding Trump and his future.