In the last Langstaff Letter I wrote about “The Decline of America,” including the economy.  This decline also includes moral issues, such as abortion and same sex marriage.  In the case of abortion the momentum has been slowly moving to the pro-life position, but, in the case of same sex marriage and homosexuality, the momentum has been growing in favor of it.  Why? What has happened?


Let me highlight six reasons on how the gay activists did it –

1. They had Long Term Strategies.
Back in February 1988 a Homosexual Manifesto was proclaimed of what they wanted to accomplish.  Slowly, but steadily, they have worked to reach those goals. Their tactics have been shrewd.  They started talking about tolerance, moved on to acceptance and then approval and finally their goal was endorsing it as normal.

2. They Captured the Culture of Movies, Media, Music, TV and Educational Institutions.
They infiltrated the culture, especially the youth culture of today, to present homosexuality as acceptable and normal.  So much so that more and more young people see nothing wrong with homosexuality or same sex marriage.

3. They Changed the Issues in the Debate.
Whoever frames the issues of debate usually wins the argument, so, they defined the issues as equality and civil rights comparing it to the civil rights movement of the 60’s.  President Obama recently framed it that way in his inaugural address.  In turn they declared that those who disagree are intolerant, homophobic bigots.

4. They Misused Scripture to Push their Position.
“When President Obama endorsed ‘gay marriage’ he used the Bible and civil rights to justify his position.  The Golden Rule and the Sermon on the Mount, he said, convince him, that Jesus would have supported ‘gay marriage’ despite the fact that Christ defines marriage as solely between a man and a woman in Matthew 19.” (Breakpoint June 2012)

By the way there is a new edition of the Bible, the Queen James Bible, that reinterprets the passages in the Bible that prohibit homosexuality by rewriting scripture.

5. They changed the Meaning of Marriage.
They have defined the basis of marriage as ‘love.’ Gay activist Andrew Sullivan notes that the understanding of marriage has changed ‘from a means to bring up children. It has become primarily a way in which two adults affirm their emotional commitment to one another.’ (Charisma 1/26/13) So they argue that if people love each other they should be allowed to marry.  But why stop there?  How about marrying your daughter, your niece, your mother-in-law or even why restrict marriage to one person?  Why not polygamy?

What is missing in all this is that one of the primary purposes for marriage is the creation of a stable family unit that provides the best opportunity for the well being of a child.  In other words marriage is not just for two loving and committed people.  It is for the welfare of the children and subsequently society.

A landmark study by Professor Mark Begneros of Texas University “found kids raised by gay parents, particularly lesbians, turned out worse socially, emotionally and in relationships, than children who had married hetrosexual parents.” (Charisma 8/31/12)  A normal marriage involves both a father and a mother.

6. The Failure of the Church.
The church as a whole has either supported gay marriage, as in the case of some historic denominations, or, with some notable exceptions, have remained relatively silent, not wanting to rock the boat.  There are a number of fine organizations that have fought the fight, such as here in my home state the Minnesota Family Council.  Likewise the Catholic Church here in Minnesota has been at the forefront.  The Billy Graham Association also took a bold step in the last election calling for people to vote biblical family values.

But let us remember this –

7. It is a Spiritual Battle.
Underlying all this is a spiritual battle.  It includes the battle between ‘human reasoning’ and ‘divine revelation’ as revealed in nature, history and supremely in the Bible.  It is ultimately spiritual warfare.  (2 Corinthians 10:3-5, Ephesians 6:14-18).  The enemy hates biblical marriage.  It is a constant reminder of the relationship between Christ and His bride, the church.

As I have stated before we are in Isaiah 60:1-2 and the world is getting darker but the glory of God will be seen in God’s people.

If you want to get a glimpse of the future take a look at Canada where “there has been between 200 and 300 legal proceedings against critics and opponents of same sex marriage.” Canadian churches are under attack where the intention is “to silence and punish anyone who dares to disagree with so called gay ‘marriage’.” (Breakpoint June 26, 2012) This could happen here.  We have seen the beginnings of it with the Obama Care attack on the autonomy of Catholic Churches regarding paying for contraceptives etc for their church employees.

Lest it appear that I am totally negative about this ‘new normal’ in society, let me finish by stating I believe we will see a new awakening that will impact this nation and I pray that it will start with a new generation of young people. In early February 2013 in Florida, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke proclaimed ‘All America will be saved.’ Could this bold declaration be the beginning of that new awakening?  Let us pray for the spirit of God to be poured out upon our nation once more.  God bless America.