There are certain moments in time and history when one has to ask the question, ‘What does this all mean?’ This is one such moment for us as a nation, with President Obama being reelected for a second term. Let me suggest some things that strike me about what is happening. Bearing in mind what I previously wrote that, ‘No lasting good will come out of this presidential election (no matter who wins) UNLESS the nation turns back to God.’

So what do the election results indicate to people, like myself, who were somewhat disappointed by the final figures.

1. We are a DIVIDED nation

The returns shows that the popular vote was virtually split between President Obama and Governor Romney. Hardly an overwhelming mandate to govern, as reflected in the division between the control of the Senate (Democrats) and the House of Representatives (Republicans). The result is we will probably have more of the same. Remember what the Word says, ‘a house divided against itself cannot stand.’

2. We are a CHANGING nation

This is no longer traditional America. The composition of the nation is changing in regard to demographics.  10% of the votes were cast by Hispanics, whose influence continues to grow.  The age factor is also a major issue – younger voters who are less conservative and the older generation who are more conservative.  Again the potential for a great divide.

3. We are becoming an UNBIBLICAL nation

This is a watershed moment in the battle over moral or cultural issues. After 28 states had voted down ‘Gay Marriage,’ three states have now approved it and Minnesota rejected a constitutional amendment on traditional marriage. Add to that the issues related to abortion, birth control and the like. More and more biblical positions are being pushed aside. All of this has a great impact on religious freedom, the functioning of the church and the future of families in a growing secular society.

4. We are a nation UNDER JUDGMENT

Previously, I have made reference to the book The Harbinger and pointed out out that unless this nation turns back to God judgment is awaiting us. The super storm Sandy came at a crucial time, just before the election striking the East Coast, including New York where our first government was set in place, near the site of 9/11. It seems like a shaking is taking place at the historical foundation of America. Joseph Mattera, a spiritual leader in the New York area and author of the book Kingdom Revolution recently wrote,

“Lately I have been feeling sympathetic to the way Jeremiah the prophet must have felt as he kept warning of impending doom coming to the nation if it did not repent.”   He goes on to outline seven storms that he sees coming to America.

  • The storm of divine judgment for not repealing legalized abortion. 
  • The storm of judgment electing a president who favors same sex marriage.
  • The storm of the global economic crisis.
  • The storm of a divided America because of class warfare and racial division.
  • The storm of radical Islam.
  • The storm from inordinate materialism, entertainment and pleasure seeking among the population.
  • The storm from a weakening American church.

He concludes his article by declaring, ‘. . . . sometimes a nation has to unravel and its people experience disorientation before they are desperate enough to open up their hearts for a spiritual awakening! It may have to come to that in America, especially if this nation continues to choose leaders and elected officials who snub their noses at God! At the end of the day, whether America stands or falls, His kingdom or government will continue to increase and will outlast every man-made nation, kingdom and government.

5. We are a nation that still has HOPE

America has a destiny that has not yet been fully fulfilled. So let us not lose hope. We can pray, we can believe and we can look for a new Awakening coming to this land. We are living in the day’s of Isaiah 60:1-2. The world is getting darker but God’s call to His people is to ‘Arise, shine, for your light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.’ May the church, the body and the bride of Christ rise up and be that light that reflects the glory of God for all to see.


God is still on the throne. Jesus is lord.  Daniel 5:21 declares, ‘The Most High God rules in the kingdom of men and appoints over it who He chooses.’ So it behooves us to believe God is at work in these present circumstances, perhaps in ways we don’t fully understand or appreciate.  Let us not stop praying now. Instead we should follow the admonition of I Timothy 2:1-3 and pray for those in leadership over us including our reelected President.