‘Nothing of permanent good will come out of this Presidential Election . . . unless.’  This is a word that came to me recently as my wife and I were praying about America.

That’s not to say no good will emerge, but this election will not deal with the underlying problem facing America today. People talk about the economy (and we are certainly in a financial mess), moral issues (such as abortion, gay marriage and more), immigration (no agreement on how to handle it) and we could go on and on, but nothing will change unless we see what God is doing in the midst of all this. The problem with America today is primarily spiritual.  And nothing will permanently change unless the nation turns back to God. At the moment God is shaking this nation. Many would even call it judgment.

Nobody wants to talk about judgment. We all want peace and prosperity but there are voices declaring this, if people will listen. Let me mention a couple of these voices.

BILLY GRAHAM had this to say recently – “Some years ago, my wife, Ruth, was reading the draft of a book I was writing. When she finished a section describing the terrible downward spiral of our nation’s moral standards and the idolatry of worshiping false gods such as technology and sex, she startled me by exclaiming, ‘If God doesn’t punish America, He’ll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.’

“I wonder what Ruth would think of America if she were alive today. In the years since she made that remark, millions of babies have been aborted and our nation seems largely unconcerned. Self-centered indulgence, pride, and a lack of shame over sin are now emblems of the American lifestyle. 

“Yet the farther we get from God, the more the world spirals out of control. My heart aches for America and its deceived people.”

I believe Billy Graham is right in stating that we are a ‘deceived people’ declaring that good is evil and evil is good. We as a church have also been caught up in the deception of the hour.

THE HARBINGER is a most remarkable book and needs to be taken seriously. If you haven’t read it, then do so as it will give you a profound understanding of 9/11 and subsequent events. 9/11 was a wake up call to the nation.

We could go on talking about many signs, including what is happening in the natural world – earthquakes, floods, bush fires, droughts, etc. Against this backdrop we have two candidates seeking to win the next presidential election. What a choice we have!


BARAK OBAMA – Most people who voted for Obama in 2008 didn’t really know who this man was and where he came from because the media never really exposed his past. I encourage you to see the film Obama 2016. It is not propaganda, although it is tilted more to the right.  It is rather a documentary and it is quite arresting. This much for sure – Obama favors pro choice for abortion and gay marriage to name a few of the many moral issues. He has a vision to radically change society and even America’s place in the world with a decidedly socialist agenda more far reaching than most people recognize.


MITT ROMNEY – For many people, Romney is ‘the knight in shining armor’ coming to rescue us from financial ruin. But let’s stop for a moment. He is a Mormon.  Recently a woman in our church asked, ‘Well, what do Mormons believe?’ I realized that very few evangelical Christians know anything about Mormonism. They are wonderful, family-orientated people, which is admirable, but from an orthodox Christian standard they are heretical. They have a doctrine of ‘eternal progression.’ Simply stated this declares – ‘As man is, God once was and as God is, man may become.’ All this is new age. For them ‘Jesus was our elder brother who pointed the way, but He was not the way.’  Enough said. If Romney becomes president you will have a leader who is, from a biblical viewpoint, heretical.

So, Bible believing Christians have a choice. How do we handle this choice? Some people say take the lesser of two evils. But there is another way to look at this.

A nation gets the leaders it deserves or asks for. In many ways they reflect the nation as a whole. I believe our nation is facing judgment, not because we are so much worse than other nations, but because to whom much is given much is required. America has a God given destiny.  She is a nation chosen by God for a divine purpose. And like Israel of old that went through similar seasons when they turned away from God and God allowed judgment to come upon them, so God has done the same thing with America.  It has happened before in our history. Read ‘The Light and the Glory’ by Peter Marshall Jr. and David Manuel which spells this out very clearly. Judgment often happens when God lifts His hand of protection off His people.

My wife Dorothy recently had an interesting insight about God bringing judgment on a nation. It involved the story in 2 Samuel 24 when David numbered Israel and God’s anger was aroused against him. He later repented for what he did, but through the prophet Gad God gave David three alternatives as to how judgment would come, declaring, ‘chose one of them for yourself that I may do it to you.’ In other words, I am giving you the choice. Judgment is coming because there are always consequences to sin, but you can chose how the judgment will come.

I believe judgment is coming to America. Maybe it is already here. But it is like God is saying, ‘You can chose which way it will come by who you vote for in this coming presidential election.’

You see the real issue is not political. It is not financial. It is not even moral. The real issue is spiritual. UNLESS this nation repents and turns back to God and revival comes to our land, nothing of permanent good will come out of the Presidential Election. Our hope is in God, not in man.


 Let us remember the purpose of judgment is to bring us back to God. As Billy Graham also noted, “The wonderful news is that our Lord is a God of mercy, and He responds to repentance. In Jonah’s day, Nineveh was the lone world superpower-wealthy, unconcerned, and self-centered. When the Prophet Jonah finally traveled to Nineveh and proclaimed God’s warning, people heard and repented.”

For another great awakening to occur, Jack Hayford says the church must engage in “gut level spiritually impassioned intercessory prayer,” something that is lacking in most churches today, few of which even have prayer meetings any more. God is looking for a remnant that will stand in the gap for our nation. But there is hope. If this happens judgment can’t be averted. We look forward to another great awakening coming to this nation so that we may be that ‘city set on a hill’ that the early settlers believed was our destiny.

I realize that is somewhat different to how others may view the coming election. I may even have some friends who will strongly disagree with me. But I believe we have to force ourselves to see the real issue facing America today – the spiritual state of our nation and the need to repent and pray.

May God have mercy on us and may we turn to Him in these critical days.  

Seek the Lord while He may be found.

Call upon Him while He is near. 

Let the wicked forsake his way.

And the unrighteous man his thoughts.

Let him return to the Lord.

And He will have mercy on him.

And to our God.

For He will abundantly pardon. 

Isaiah 55:6-7