Like many people, I was expecting Donald Trump to be reelected for a second term. When that didn’t happen, I had to ask some questions like: Was there fraud taking place in the election? What does this mean for Trump? Like many other people, I had a desire to find some understanding of what it all means.


Did fraud take place? Undoubtedly Yes! However, the question is how much and what can be proven. Although I believe cheating took place, I sadly did not see sufficient evidence to change the election results. What is also concerning is the effect that the mainstream media and the Silicon Valley Companies had on the election. Trump’s loss is the result of their actions. Psychologist, professor, author, journalist, and search engine expert, Dr. Robert Epstein, revealed “his findings of Google’s search manipulation in the 2020 election, which Epstein claims that it could have shifted a minimum of six million votes in one direction” ( Dr. Epstein, by the way, is a Democrat and did not vote for Trump.

According to a Rassmussen poll, in early December, 47% of likely voters believed there was enough fraud to ensure Biden would win the election. ( As reported on FOX TV, 10% of those who voted for Biden in battleground states would not have voted for Biden if they had heard the news about Hunter Biden before voting.


What does the future hold for Trump? Of course, that is up to him. However, let me present just a possibility (rather than a prediction) of what could happen in the future. This is an option that is consistent with what many people (myself included) still believe – That Trump was supposed to have a second term. 


There is no reason why Donald Trump could not run again in 2024. It has happened before in history, such as in the case of Richard Nixon. He lost the presidential election in 1960, after serving as Vice President under Eisenhower, and then came back to win in 1968 and again in 1972. So Trump, building on the 70+ million people who supported him, could be in a position to run a successful campaign in 2024.

I began to wonder if there is anything in the Bible which, while not necessarily proving anything, may be a picture or pattern of what might happen with Trump. Let me share one such picture or pattern from the Bible.


I felt led to the story in the book of Daniel concerning King Nebuchadnezzar. The story involves two dreams that Nebuchadnezzar had that, in turn, were interpreted by Daniel. Daniel realizing that the answer came from God, declared:

“Blessed be the name of God forever and ever,
For wisdom and might are His.
And He changes the times and the seasons;
He removes kings and raises up kings;
He gives wisdom to the wise
And knowledge to those who have understanding
He reveals deep and secret things…” (Daniel 2:20-22a, NKJ)

Building on this foundation, Daniel went on to interpret Nebuchadnezzar’s dreams. I am not saying Trump is a Nebuchadnezzar; I am only saying that there is a pattern in it.


Daniel pointed out it related to the future. It involved an image made up of different materials representing four successive kingdoms (thought to be Babylonian, Mido-Persian, Grecian, and Roman). The image represented governments over who God is the sovereign Lord. Daniel goes on to describe Nebuchadnezzar: “You, O king, are a king of kings. For the God of heaven has given you a kingdom, power, strength, and glory” (Daniel 2:37, NKJV). Quite a commendation! After this comes the story of Daniel’s friends being cast into the fiery furnace only to be protected and delivered by the Lord. This, in turn, astonished King Nebuchadnezzar, leading him to bless the God who protected them.


Nebuchadnezzar had a second dream. Once again, Danial came forward to interpret the dream. It involved a vision of a tree that grew and became strong. It’s height reached to the heavens. A holy one came from heaven who cried out, “Chop down the tree and cut off its branches” (Daniel 4:14, NKJV). Daniel explained this dream, pointing out that the tree which grew and became strong was the king himself. Nebuchadnezzar had grown strong and his domain to the ends of the earth. The watcher from heaven chopping down the tree referred to what would happen to the king. “They shall drive you from men, your dwelling shall be with the beasts of the field, and they shall make you eat grass like oxen” (Daniel 4:25a, NKJV).

It comes with a challenge “O king, let my advice be acceptable to you;  

break off your sins by being righteous

  (Daniel 4:27a, NKJV). What was his sin? Nebuchadnezzar would later acknowledge the cause: And those who walk in pride He is able to put down” (Danial 4:37b, NKJV).

All of us suffer from pride in one form or another. Some hide it better than others. Trump wears it on his sleeve. Add to this the temptation to exalt the king and worship him.


There follows a period of humiliation, and at the end of that time, understanding returned to him, and “he blessed the Most High and praised and honored Him who lives forever.” Nebuchadnezzar declares, “At the same time my reason returned to me, and for the glory of the Kingdom, my honor and splendor returned to me . . . I was restored to my Kingdom, and excellent majesty was adopted to me (Daniel 4).


Let me suggest that the pattern in Nebuchadnezzar’s life could well be the pattern for President Trump. Initially, Trump grew and became strong as he was elected President of the United States in 2016, becoming the most powerful person on the planet. Then in 2020, he lost the election, and it was a time of humiliation. Trump, as both a businessman and as a President, doesn’t like to lose. It is humiliating. Could it be that in 2024, Trump could run for President again and win, being restored to that position of honor and power, based on the pattern of what happened to Nebuchadnezzar? It doesn’t prove it. Just a thought! Could this happen? Yes. Should it happen? I would like to think so. Will it happen? That depends on Trump himself and the Lord moving in the situation.


Recently, one of our Kairos Board members, Sandy Halvorsen, forwarded to me a beautiful prayer about President Trump by a young girl from Duluth, MN. “Lord . . . bring humility to Mr Trump. Before You and You alone . . . his heart laid bare before You. Visit him even in the night. Soften his heart to be a tender vessel for You and Your glory and strength to pump through his veins. I see a fleshy heart and veins pumping. Do it Lord in Jesus name. Pride and fear of feeling weak before men brought down. Only eyes to see You and heart to walk upright before You Lord. Let him see no other or desire to please no other but you Father in Jesus name.”


I still believe Trump was supposed to have a second term, and this may be a possible way in which it will happen. God is still in control, and He will have the last word. Meanwhile, let us continue in prayer as we lift up our country of America that, indeed, it will be a case of ‘God Bless America.’

“We have to turn back to prayer.” Not just praying for the result of the election but praying for America – for repentance and revival to come to this land once more – in line with 2 Chronicles 7:14. Church, it is time to pray!