“I have always believed in miracles. I am standing with the three biggest miracles in my life and tonight we have been delivered another one,” stated Morrison, the newly elected Prime Minister of Australia at midnight on May 18, 2019 as he stood on stage with his wife and two daughters, declaring victory (Star Tribune).

The news media picked up on the word ‘miracle’ as they reported with complete shock such headlines as ‘Australian Prime Minister Holds on to Power, Defying Election Predictions. (Washington Post)’

It was a miracle indeed! With all of the polls having Morrison trailing the opposition Labor Party, it carried uncanny parallels with President Trump’s victory in the 2016 election (Washing Post). It was reported that media and even the bookies who took bets on the election had written him off, as they were absolutely certain the opposition would win. It was reported that one betting company paid out days before the election as the expected result was considered inevitable.

Asked on election night what he would do the next day, Morrison replied that he was going to church and then to watch the Cronulla Sharks, his football team, play.


Morrison grew up in the area of Sydney where I lived. His mother and father belong to Church in the Marketplace, where I was an associate pastor back in the early 1970’s. I knew his father, who was in the police fingerprinting department and was for many years the mayor of Waverly.

A spirit-filled Pentecostal, Morrison and his family attend an Assembly of God church in the Southern suburbs of Sydney, where my colleague Ian and Maree Peters were married.


According to ABC News, “Scott Morrison’s campaign was extremely economical with just one guy with mainly one message which was, ‘I can be trusted to manage the economy. The other guy can’t.'” Morrison was also known for campaigning in baseball caps (sound familiar) and he was the first Australian Prime Minister to do so (Washington Post).


President Trump spoke with the newly elected Prime Minister the day after the election, congratulating him on a great win. He stated that Morrison’s victory was similar to the way people had been surprised by his own victory in 2016 (MSN).


Although I am now an American citizen, I was born in Australia and lived there for forty-five years, before moving to Minnesota in 1980. Often, when I preached in a new church or conference, people would chuckle when I would joke about my Australian background, accent and ‘Crocodile Dundee’ being the film that they had made about me before I was saved. The only reason I left Australia to move to the United States was because God called my wife Dorothy and I along with our two daughters to move here. I still have a love for Australia and its people; I try to keep tabs on my favorite football team the Bulldogs; and stay informed as to what is happening in my homeland. So, I was excited with the news of what has been happening ‘Down Under’ and to read about the miralce that took place.


Stuart Varney, of Fox Business News, a cable television personality, had this to say, Now we don’t spend much time on Australian politics, but Democrats here should be taking a long hard look at this one. In Australia, voters were not prepared to sacrifice in the name of climate change, and they didn’t want to risk their prosperity by taxing the rich!

That’s what Bill Shorten ran on: That’s what Australia’s media and its elites supported. And they lost! Take note, Democrats. Their presidential candidates are running on the same Green New Deal and tax-the-rich ideas that just lost the election for their counterparts in Australia.

What happened Down Under this past weekend is so very similar to what happened in America in 2016. Hillary couldn’t lose. The elites and their media allies were convinced they knew better than ordinary people. As we know, Hillary lost. Trump won a shocking victory!

Yes, that Australian election is worth spending time on. It may well be a taste of what’s to come again, here, in 2020 (Fox Business).


Religious Freedom – Australia faces the same issues we face here in the United States, especially the issues of religious freedom, as seen in the sacking of star Rugby football player Israel Folau for comments deemed homophobic. Actually, what he said came from the Bible in I Corinthians 6:9-10. The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed the so-called ‘Equality Act (congress.gov),’ which if it becomes law, would completely obliterate the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act. It would expand the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include sexual orientation and gender identity. Christian Schools would be required to accommodate the preferences of transgender students regarding athletic teams and bathrooms. It “would put subjective gender identity on the same level as innate characteristics like race in federal law” (Minnesota Family Council).

The Power of Prayer – Just as in 2016 in the United States, it is obvious that prayer was a factor in the results in Australia. The ACL (Australian Christian Lobby), in their media release, reported, “The result is astonishing and totally unpredicted. . . I have seen more Christians committed to prayer over this election than any other in living memory. Their concerns about religious freedom were so strong. By praying and acting, we have seen a win for religious freedom.” “Many leaders called Christians to pray, including former tennis great, turned pastor, Margaret Court, who in March woke up at 4 a.m. one morning convinced that God was calling the churches of Australia to rise up and pray and fast for the elections.” (Canberra Declaration)


It is not too soon to be praying for the upcoming election in November 2020. It was prayer that made the difference in 2016 and it will be prayer that will make the difference in 2020.

Church! It is time to rise up and pray!

We need another miracle!