“Impossible, Difficult, Done!” These words from missionary pioneer Hudson Taylor began our last newsletter. We looked at the challenge to believe God for impossibilities, remembering that the word of God declares, “For with God nothing is impossible.” Further to that thought, I want to now share some more about impossibilities by giving two examples: Impossibilities: Big and Small, along with a testimony.  Let us start off with a small impossibility. Not a life threatening one, but the kind of impossibility that we face continually in our daily walk of faith.

It was a Saturday morning and I was planning to go see my youngest grandson Benjamin take part in a swim meet being held at the Eden Prairie Community Center pool. I particularly wanted to see him swim in the 200-meter freestyle.

Just before I was to leave, we received a phone call from our daughter Joy, Benjamin’s mother. She had gone early to the swim meet and was calling to let us know that the car park was totally filled and that people were now parking across the street at Round Lake Park, which meant they needed to cross a busy divided road. Joy said that if there were no parking spots available that both she and Benjamin would understand if I needed to turn around and head home. In other words, it would be nearly impossible to find a parking spot anywhere close to the community center that day. I wanted to see Benjamin swim, so I set off. As I drove, I prayed, ‘Lord, I need a parking spot near the entrance as it is too far for me to walk from the other parking lot at Round Lake.’ As I arrived at the community center, I could immediately see that the parking lot was overflowing. Cars were driving up and down the rows in hope of a parking spot opening up.

As I drove into the lot, I felt the Lord say, ‘Turn left into that section of the car park and then take the first turn on the right.’ As far as I could see there wasn’t an empty space anywhere. From the looks of it, it seemed that it would be impossible for me to find one in time to see Benjamin’s race. Nevertheless, I obeyed, turned left and then right into the parking lot, driving down a lane that took me close to the entrance of the community center pool. Just when I arrived at the end of the row, I spotted it – an empty parking space. I wondered why no one had parked there as there were still cars searching for an open spot. As I turned into the parking spot, I saw a sign in front of me that read, “Reserved for elderly people.” This was one time that I praised God that I was elderly (just turned 82 years of age). So, in the midst of my impossible situation, God had the answer, as He led me to probably the only empty parking spot in the whole parking lot.

God is the God of the impossibilities. They may not be big, life threatening, or major circumstances. Nonetheless, they are impossibilities that affect us in the moment. So, why not believe God is the God of the impossibilities, even the small ones.

By the way, I was thrilled to watch Benjamin win the 200 freestyle event by just .80 of a second. It was an exciting race!

Back in the years before the turn of the century, I well remember when John Halverson, a close friend, who was at that time an Elder in our church, came to talk to me. He had a call and a vision to ‘Prayer Walk America.’

John shared with me the call he had to prayer walk America and sound the warning that hard times were headed our way. This was prior to 9/11. I felt that this was a genuine call upon John to fulfill, but if I had known where it was all going, I am not sure I would have believed it, as all that God was leading John to do would have seemed to be an ‘impossibility.’

To start with, John pray walked north to south, from the Canadian boarder to the Gulf of Mexico. Then he prayer walked from the Pacific ocean right across America to the Atlantic Ocean. Later on, another call came and he prayer walked across Europe from Portugal right through to the border with China. He was not allowed to walk across China at that time, so he went by train. In 2015, he then felt God was calling him to go to the North Pole to make a prophetic declaration, which he did last year. Just this week, I received an email from John and this December he is planning to go to the South Pole for a similar purpose.

Truly, this has been an incredible undertaking and as I said, if I had known at the beginning what was going to happen, I would have thought, “That is impossible!” But with God, all things are possible.

If you would like to support John Halverson and pray for him you can contact him at Jchalvorsen@aol.com.

It is always encouraging to receive feedback from the Langstaff Letter. Following the last newsletter where I encouraged people to ask the Lord about three impossibilities they faced, I received an email from a friend, who used to be one of my administrators and now lives in Brazil. She wrote, ‘At the beginning of 2013, I felt the Lord prompt me to pray for 3 impossible things. So I did – for me to get pregnant (we had been trying for some time with no success), for my sister, to find a husband (she was 31 at the time), and for God to open a new ministry door for my husband; three things that had been impossible for a while. In January, my sister met her (future) husband. In February/March, God led us to move to Brazil (which we did in June) for my husband to begin ministry there. And in April, I got pregnant. God is good and faithful!’

‘What are three impossibilities that God would have you believe for and pray about.  Remember, ‘With God, nothing is impossible!’