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Frontline Ministries


FRONTLINE MINISTRIES – Mitchel (our grandson) and his wife Katie, along with Timothy (our grandson) and and his wife Naomi have begun a new ministry. Frontline, a ministry of Kairos, seeks to both facilitate disciples of Jesus Christ coming together to support one other, grow deeper in their faith, and live a Christ-centered lifestyle. They also want to cultivate opportunities for those disciples to use their gifts in creative and collaborative ways to reach the lost and make disciples. They will do this by gathering together, reaching out to the lost, and informing others. Check out frontlinemn.org for more information.

ONLINE PRESENCE – Beginning in January, we will be kicking off some new ministry tools, including a weekly ‘Langstaff Letter Podcast’ and also Youtube channel. Frontline Ministries will be pulling this all together and doing the filming, etc. The current plan is to have two channels each with a video as well as audio only option. One would be the Kairos Ministries/Langstaff Letter channel. This channel would be video/audio versions of the Langstaff Letter that will be released along with the written version weekly. The second channel would be the Frontline Ministries channel. This channel would be for various resources created by Mitchel and Timothy as well as other volunteers for Frontline Ministries, in addition to hopefully a monthly sermon by Alan Langstaff and some discussion/interview type videos.

Kairos Ministries has really become a family affair and it is such a blessing to be able to work with both our children and grandchildren. Watch for this to begin in 2021!

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