I have a confession to make about the presidential election. On September 29th, I felt the Lord gave me a word about the upcoming election. I wrote it down, but I didn’t share it with anyone because I wasn’t completely sure it was from the Lord. I thought that maybe it was my own fleshly ideas. I hesitated because so many prophetic presidential predictions have not panned out. Let me tell you what the word was that I received during the week of the first debate, at which time Hillary Clinton was well ahead in the polls.

I felt that God was showing me the following –

  1. Hillary won the first debate, but Trump will win the election.
  2. It may not turn out the way people think it will.
  3. It will be a mixed blessing as there will be good things, but there will also be chaos and confusion.

Let me add; I believe that our nation is facing judgment for many reasons, but God, in His mercy, is giving this nation another chance. In other words, God has given us a reprieve. May we not waste it. However, it will not necessarily be a case of ‘they lived happily ever after,’ as many challenges await us.


It has been interesting to hear all the explanations media commentators have given regarding getting the projections wrong about Trump’s victory and the reasons they gave as to why Trump won and Clinton lost.  Pollsters made major mistakes, with the exception of the Los Angeles Times USC Poll, which alone got it right.

The one factor not mentioned by any of them was the prayers of God’s people. I have never seen such a call to prayer since the nineteen eighties and the Washington for Jesus rallies with the call to prayer at that time. Praise God for Franklin Graham and his prayer meetings at fifty state capitols. Probably millions of Christians were praying for the elections.

After writing about the place prayer played in the election, I came across an article from the Washington Post entitled ‘Franklin Graham: The Media Didn’t Understand the God-factor.‘ The article referenced what Franklin Graham had written on Facebook, “Did God show up? In watching the news after the election, the secular media kept asking, ‘How did this happen? What went wrong? How did we miss this . . . ‘ None of them understand the God-factor.


The temptation for people is to stop praying now that the election is over. In actual fact, we need to keep praying more for the president elect Donald Trump and the new day that this represents in our nation. There will be much spiritual warfare. If you prayed before the election, you need to pray even more now, after the election.

  • Pray for President-Elect Donald Trump to have the right people around him to give him wise advice and that he will receive it and that he will lead our nation in a righteous way.
  • Pray for revival to come to our land in the midst of this new day in the political world. (II Chronicles 7:14)
  • Pray for protection for President-Elect Donald Trump, his wife and family and also for Vice President-Elect Mike Pence, his wife and family.
  • Pray for the nation to come together as a people and that we will truly be one nation under God.


Prophetic productions have not had a good track record as far as presidential elections are concerned. However, this year some significant words were shared. Perhaps one of the most significant ones came from Lance Wallnau,a respected Christian leader, who believes that God is raising up Donald Trump as a modern day Cyrus. (Cyrus was an idolatrous king of Persia, who helped the Jewish people return to Jerusalem) (See Isaiah 45:4-5). Click here to read what Lance Wallnau predicted.

Wallnau sees Trump as a wrecking ball to the spirit of correctness. He sees Trump as a ‘common grace’ candidate. The term ‘common grace’ is a theological term originating with the Reformers and describes the grace of God working through secular individuals and institutions. As he puts it, ‘It is the grace that keeps fallen men from universal anarchy and self-destruction.’

Also, there is an intriguing prophecy from a fire fighter in Florida, going back to 2011, when he felt God showed him Trump would become president.  Click here to read this prophecy.


Let us remember the promises of God’s word and that God is still on the throne. Let us remember that God is in control and that He is working out His plans and purposes. For more on click here to read the Langstaff Letter ‘In God We Trust.’

It’s a new day for America politically.

Let us pray for a new day in America spiritually that we would see a revival from north to south, from east to west, from sea to shining sea.

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