5cbfc5a0-51ff-43db-a0b9-0bcfbbeb1104At this time of the year, it is usual to look at the year ahead. In recent times, I have often sought a word from the Lord at the beginning of a new year. Usually it relates to me personally, but often it applies beyond that. For example, a year ago God gave me three words: ‘Suddenly, Preparation and Unexpected’ and they were certainly fulfilled, for not only my wife and I but also for the church we are pastoring.

This year, I was directed to a quotation, coupled with a scripture. Once again, I claim it personally, but it could be something that others claim to as well.

I came across a quotation by Robert H Goddard, a U.S. physicist and pioneer rocket scientist. In 1904, during his school graduation speech, he made a profound statement, especially for such a young man.

It is difficult to say what is impossible
For the dream of yesterday
Is the hope of today
And the reality of tomorrow.

Let’s examine the four parts of his statement.

Anyone who has lived a long time knows how true that statement is. When I grew up there was a cartoon character called Dick Tracy who had a wrist radio. That radio seemed so impossible back then but today it is a reality, including the cell phones that so many take for granted.

THE DREAMS OF YESTERDAY – Most people dream of what might be, at the beginning, an impossibility, when in actual fact, that is where everything begins . . . with a dream.

THE HOPE OF TODAY – There comes a point where hope takes hold of a dream and there comes a belief that it can be done. Hope ignites faith.

THE REALITY OF TOMORROW – Eventually the dream becomes a reality and what seemed to be an impossibility is now a reality.

People dreamed of going to the moon. Indeed in the film ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ George Baily wanted to lasso the moon, but it seemed impossible . . just a dream.

Then rocket science was born and in the early 1960’s, President Kennedy gave hope to to the idea of going to the moon, with plans to go there by the end of the decade.

In 1969, man walked on the moon. People from all over the world watched it on T.V. The dream that had been considered impossible at one time now became a

Once again, Goddard’s statement was proven to be true. But from that statement, I moved on to a verse of scripture from the Christmas story. The angel came to a virgin named Mary and told her about an absolute impossibility, that though she was a virgin, she would become pregnant and give birth to the Messiah. Probably the most incredible thing that anyone has even been asked to believe.

Naturally, Mary was puzzled by it all as ‘How can this be, since I do not know a man.’ The angel reassured her and declared ‘For with God nothing will be impossible.’ Luke 1:37

Two points to note here:
1. With God – It has to be God’s dream, not just ours.
2. Nothing – There is no limit to what God may do.

Has God given you a dream that you have not yet seen come to pass or do you need to receive a dream from God of something that he wants to birth in and through you?

Believe God and hold on to that dream. Don’t stop dreaming for it may seem impossible, but a hope can emerge that will ignite the faith to believe and eventually that dream will become a reality.