The “Seven Mountain Mandate” is a concept that has become popular in recent times regarding the need for transformation in our culture. The “Seven Mountains” refer to the pillars of society, the spheres, the shapes, the molders that impact the nation and its people. So, where did it start, and what exactly is it all about? It all goes back to the mid-1970s. Here is the story of its beginning.


Loren Cunningham, the founder of Youth With a Mission, tells of the origins of this concept.

‘It was August, 1975. My family and I were up in a little cabin in Colorado. And the Lord had given me that day a list of things I had never thought about before. He [God] said “This is the way to reach America and nations for God.”… I call them “mind-molders” or “spheres”. I got the word “spheres” from II Corinthians 10’ (

Later that day, Loren received a call, ‘It was a mutual friend who said, “Bill Bright and Vonnette are in Colorado at the same time as you are. Would you and Darlene come over and meet with them?”… So we flew over to Boulder… And as we came in and greeted each other, he [Bill] said, “Loren, I want to show you what God has shown me!” And it was virtually the same list that God had given me the day before’ (

The list Loren had was:

  • “The institution set up by God first, the family.”
  • The “church, or the people of God.”
  • “School, or education.”
  • “Media, public communication, in all forms, printed and electronic.”
  • “The arts, entertainment, and sports.” Loren referred to it as “celebration.”
  • “The economy,” including science, technology, and business.
  • The “government…: judicial, legislative, and executive.”

‘Then there are subgroups under all of those seven groups… But those seven can be considered like… a “mountain” to achieve for God. Or they can be a classroom that you’re going to disciple a nation in. Because Jesus said, “Go and disciple all nations” (

Now, other people have picked up the concept of the “Seven Mountains.” People such as Lance P. Wallnau who coined the phrase the “Seven Mountain Mandate” to develop plans for social transformation in line with the command of Jesus to “disciple nations” (Matthew 28:19).

Instead of seeking to look at all seven mountains, let’s look at one of them – “The Media.”


There is no doubt that the media, in all its forms, including social media, is a powerful force molding the minds of people today. We are in the midst of a technological revolution that is impacting the values of the community.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media is far from what it should be as a means of disseminating news and information to the nation. It has become political in not only how it reports news but in how it interprets the event of the moment.

There is a significant amount of evidence to demonstrate how biased, dishonest the media, specifically the mainstream media in America, has become. Let me give just a few examples.


In the fall of 2020, prior to the presidential election, the New York Post broke a story about Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son. The amazing thing is that the mainstream media ignored this story and failed to report it accurately, if at all. If it had been Donald Trump’s son-in-law, it would have been front-page news.

George Washington University law school professor Jonathan Turley pointed out that “that in Hunter Biden’s case, some of the news skewed its covering over the president’s son in his favor.” He goes on to write, “‘Facts, like fairness, appear overrated to much of the media today. Hunter spent the last few months evading questions, notably before the election, when an abandoned laptop apparently belonging to him was found to have hundreds of embarrassing photos and emails showing drug abuse and raw influence peddling. He is also said to be under investigation for possible federal tax violations linked to his foreign dealings.” Turley continued criticizing the media for putting a ‘blackout’ on the laptop story while Hunter Biden in his father’s ‘press cocoon'” (

One has to ask how much this biased and dishonest reporting (or lack of reporting) on Hunter Biden impacted the results of the 2020 presidential election.


Washington’s top medical examiner debunked a once accepted media narrative by announcing US Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick died of natural causes the day after he confronted Jan 6 Capitol rioters. The New York Times published an “emotionally gut-wrenching but complete fiction that never had any evidence” by initially reporting that Sicknick’s “skull was savagely bashed in with a fire extinguisher by a pro-Trump mob until he died” ( It was fake news.


The special election in Georgia for two senate seats created quite a lot of press but not all of it accurate. Take the case of the Washington Post.

‘The Washington Post issued a lengthy correction after published audio revealed it misquoted former President Donald Trump regarding his phone call with Frances Watson, the chief investigator of the Georgia secretary of state’s office.

The report, first published in January, accused Trump of telling Watson to “find the fraud” and lauding her as “a national hero” if she was able to find any. While the audio did show Trump claiming he won the 2020 election and suggesting Watson would be “praised” after the “right answer” was revealed, The Post’s original quotes turned out to be fake news’ (

Again, one wonders how this widely distributed fake news impacted the special election in Georgia.


National Public Radio (NPR), while it offers a lot of news on current events, is nonetheless a left-leaning program, and that affects its commentary. So much so that they had to make a correction recently about a bogus statement made regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop.

‘NPR issued a correction on Thursday after falsely reporting Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop was “discredited by U.S. intelligence and independent investigations by news organizations”‘ (

Once again, it appears a there was a glossing over of essential aspects of the Hunter Biden story.


In a recent 60 minute TV program, Florida governor Ron DeSantis was unfairly attacked through selective editing of an interview. They failed to give the correct version of what happened with the distribution of vaccines. “Numerous commentators and political figures (including democrats) slammed ’60 Minutes’ over the segment, with some calling it among the worst segments they’ve ever seen in terms of being blatantly dishonest” ( Now we could go on, but it is there for anyone to check out if interested.

We have a mainstream media that is biased, dishonest and has become political in its reporting. Likewise, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms act in similar ways, even involving censorship.

Is there a solution to this?


Lance Wallnau, who has made the Seven Mountains central to his teaching, refers to the strategy he received from Loren Cunningham. Loren wrote as follows:

“First we take territory from satan in the place of prayer, with the power of the Holy Spirit, through the mighty weapons available to us. We know that spiritual warfare involves pulling down strongholds of false reasoning. We pray against the enemy’s influence in whatever area we are aware. Our prayers should be specific. Listening to the Holy Spirit in our minds, He will tell us how to pray. Regional and local matters should be part of our specific focus.

Second, after we have prayed for a specific sphere of influence, be it government, a school system, an area of the media, or whatever, God may then choose to use us in the very sphere for which we have been praying. He may call us to penetrate that influential place for Him, placing us, like Daniel or Joseph, in a place of authority” (Wallnau).

To sum it up, there are two things people can do regarding the media:

Pray. Intercede. Seek God’s guidance on how and what to pray for.

Given the opportunity, use your place of influence or pray for people who can be used, like Daniel or Joseph, in a position of authority.

Let us pray for a change of heart and action in the existing mountain of the media in America and elsewhere. Pray for God to raise up people who can penetrate those areas.

There are encouraging signs that conservative voices are beginning to arise in social media and the news-reporting media. May there be more and more of those people in the media industry.

The media is a major demonic stronghold, and it will not easily change.


I need to recognize that some do not embrace the mountain mandate. There are people who reject this concept on the grounds that it embraces what is called “Dominion Theology.” Dominion theology believes that the church is to take dominion over the earth (See Genesis 1:28) and thus control civil affairs and all other aspects of society in preparation for the return of Christ. There may be people who believe that, but the concept of the seven mountains does not require it. It is simply a way of identifying the spheres within a society that impact the way people think and their values and seek to bring transformation to society. We need to desire to see God’s kingdom come on earth, to the extent that is possible, knowing that the ultimate answer lies in the return of Christ.

Come Lord Jesus and establish your kingdom. 


Wallnau, L., Johnson, B. (n.d.). Invading Babylon: The 7 Mountain Mandate. (n.p.): Destiny Image, Incorporated.